Think About it Everyday! Have Fun Being Active!

Bike diagram with reflectors

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Family Cycle Train by Amsterdamize


Think about it everyday–are you making healthy choices?  How do you like this bicycle found in Amsterdam?  A friend on Weight Watchers told me that she wakes up every morning and puts herself in the right mindset to be good to herself.  After several months of being aware of her eating habits and exercise motivations, she is feeling better and seeing that weight come off.  “It’s a matter of being in the moment–of being present in your daily activities.  Why am I doing this or that?  Are these things healthy? Good for me?  I deserve to be happy and healthy!”   Sounds like a good mantra for all of us! 

My friend’s young daughter is a diabetic.  How do you advise someone as young as 8 years old to take care of herself?  My friend sends her off to school or camp saying, “I love you, honey..Just be sure to make the best healthy choices for yourself.”  Think about these words…Mom is telling her daughter that it is up to her.  Mom just can’t worry day in and day out.  Her daughter is learning about what it is to be an independent and healthy person. 

What do we say to ourselves every morning?  What do you say?  Even if you only think it–it is the same thing—-so be positive, be active, and be healthy! 

photo credit:on flickr by Amsterdamize


2 responses to “Think About it Everyday! Have Fun Being Active!

  1. I’m not doing anything for my health.. but after reading your article, I think I’m doing what I like. Today, I walked small hill at sunset and the view was spectacle. Walking and staying for 40min, I felt being refresh and healthy. Instead of pushing myself to the gym where I could not find any interests, I would like to enjoy sunset at the hill frequently for keeping healthy..

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