Tour de France–Go Andy!

Sunday, July 11–watching the Tour (117.2 miles) and feeling so many emotions watching for Team Radio Shack—Lance fell twice (the first time, falling on his back going 40 mph)—losing overall time—Oh no, he’s bleeding–Paul Sherwen says,”Oh no, he’s in spot of bother!”—Where is Levi? Is Plan B in effect now?  Can Levi beat Contador? Cadel Evans? Andy Schleck? Bradley Wiggins?  As it turns out, Levi was up in the front group and he holds 8th place, coming up from 17th on Saturday.  Andy did a great sprint at the end to win the stage!  Good for you Andy—Yes, we want you on the podium!  Cadel held on to his time and is now in the Yellow Jersey for Tuesday.  Monday is a rest day–Lance will need it…but as Phil Liggett says, “He is a courageous man.”  The Livestrong Foundation needs him, the Tour needs him, and as for Bicycling in the US, we all need him!


Think About it Everyday! Have Fun Being Active!

Bike diagram with reflectors

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Family Cycle Train by Amsterdamize


Think about it everyday–are you making healthy choices?  How do you like this bicycle found in Amsterdam?  A friend on Weight Watchers told me that she wakes up every morning and puts herself in the right mindset to be good to herself.  After several months of being aware of her eating habits and exercise motivations, she is feeling better and seeing that weight come off.  “It’s a matter of being in the moment–of being present in your daily activities.  Why am I doing this or that?  Are these things healthy? Good for me?  I deserve to be happy and healthy!”   Sounds like a good mantra for all of us! 

My friend’s young daughter is a diabetic.  How do you advise someone as young as 8 years old to take care of herself?  My friend sends her off to school or camp saying, “I love you, honey..Just be sure to make the best healthy choices for yourself.”  Think about these words…Mom is telling her daughter that it is up to her.  Mom just can’t worry day in and day out.  Her daughter is learning about what it is to be an independent and healthy person. 

What do we say to ourselves every morning?  What do you say?  Even if you only think it–it is the same thing—-so be positive, be active, and be healthy! 

photo credit:on flickr by Amsterdamize

Tour de France ends..Get Over It!

OK, all of July was devoted to watching the TDF on Versus TV (  Now, how many of us are singing the blues?  Life goes on folks–there’s a lot of cycling to do!!

A Morning Bike Ride clears the mind, wakes up the body, gets the blood flowing–something we really need in San Diego when our summer mornings are so cool and cloudy at the coast.

Rise at 6:30am–hit the bikes at 7am after some water, nuts, and a low-fat cheese stick!  I ride so I can eat–can you tell?   During the first five minutes my mind is saying,”Oo it’s cold out–and Oo I’m riding in a head wind–and even, Oo Why am I doing this?”  But then a song hits my lips and the endorphins kick in, and I’m happy to be living here.  We arrive in Del Mar for a coffee and bagel, then we’re off to the Torrey Pines hill; world-famous, at least around here, for its steep climb.  Once you’re up, you must come down for an exhilarating 30-35 mph downhill. 

Biking the coast, watching the waves and looking out for the cars, this is the best exercise ever!  What did you do this morning??

Attacks in TDF–A Closer Race Than Ever

8:20am Pacific Time–Stage 15–115.9 miles–174 riders today—Did you watch the Tour yet this morning?  Stop reading if you want to be surprised!!!

Our “Best Young Rider,” Andy Schleck says, “My stomach is full of anger”…He and Contador start one of many “kicks” up the steep mountain, when all of a sudden Andy’s chain comes undone—Oh NO!!  Never fear–in the end, after a 13 mile mountain descent he is only behind Contador now by 8 seconds!  After 15 days, Paul Sherwen said re Andy, “He didn’t give it up easily.” An understatement, in my opinion.  Did you see how steep that climb was?  Anyone who thinks this is not a tough sport, just has no idea!!  Schleck was losing seconds as he struggled to get that chain back on the bike–then he took off like a shot– passing so many riders as if they were standing still!  He even passed Lance and Levi.  At only 8 seconds behind, Andy lost the Yellow Jersey, but watch tomorrow, I’ll bet he’ll win it back!!

Thomas Voeckler (French National Champion) gets today’s stage win…good for him!!  Levi Leipheimer is in 7th place and Andreas Kloden, 15th after today’s stage (also on Team Radio Shack).  Can’t wait to watch the Tour again tonight!!  Thanks Versus TV Channel for covering the Tour!  Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen and Bob Roll are the best professional commentators.  Now, I have to calm my blood pressure down—Did you watch today’s Tour Stage yet?

Tour De France –4 United States Teams!

Cadel Evans did his best, especially with a broken elbow!  Andy Schleck holds on to the best time to earn the Yellow Jersey!  Lance Armstrong showed that he is still in great form, even when he’s helping Levi.

The Teams are: Team Radio Shack, Garmin Transitions, Columbia HTC, and Team BMC (with George Hincapei). Have we ever had this many US teams in the Tour?  Who do you think will win the final ride into Paris?  With Lance too far behind, I’m all for “Go Levi !”  Looking forward to the TDF, night after night!